Surreal Journey

First, there was darkness.

Or maybe our eyes were shut.

Then, the Big Bang happened, giving life to the Metaverse.

Full of hidden corners and mind-blowing wonders, it bursts with all kinds of ideas. It calls for the exploration of every region, every artifact that you, traveler, can reach.

Our new reality consists of loot. No matter easily discovered or barely recognized, it’s everywhere, and all you need to do is collect it.

Сollecting is your lifestyle: in the constantly expanding Metaverse, you are minting, swapping, and transferring the things you find, always searching for something superior to your last discovery.

You know that your loot is extraordinary. But you can’t enjoy it fully, can you?

Its magnificence loses its meaning as soon as you face your collection’s appearance. It sucks: all the beauty of your artifacts vanishes into small JPEG squares on a boring white screen — definitely not the vibe you are after.

So, you need a magic bag, as exceptional and diverse as your loot itself. To achieve this excellence, you’ll need tools that provide all the features the Metaverse has to offer.

These are called modules.

Modules are your keys — each one unlocks a unique Surreal feature.

They open up new possibilities for your travel, changing the way you interact with the Metaverse. As soon as you own them, you become the one to organize, style, and shape the world of your loot. They allow you to travel at your convenience and get the most out of it.

You need only one to start our shared journey — the Display Module.

Minting it allows you to:

  • Access the upcoming Surreal iOS beta;

  • Enter the private Discord channel for the community. Your chill hub, a space where you can take a rest and influence the further development of Surreal;

  • Gain a spot in the allowlist for all further Surreal drops. Because we want to thank you for your support from the start;

  • Earn a supporter badge in your Surreal profile that is always displayed.

Start your adventure, traveler.

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